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Where Second Chances Happen!

Governing Board President Mrs. Cristina Alvarado and Del Mar Student Board Rep, Bella Luevano.

First Trimester Awards, PE.  L-R Ernesto Martinez, Renato Castro, Noah Figueroa, X Cheng, Mr. Botts, Lorenzo Velez, Brandon Hua, Gio Carrasco

First Trimester Awards English/Art.  L-R Renato Castro, Brandon Hua, Joshua Kamel, Mrs. Villasenor, Jenifer Malara, Bella Luevano

First Trimester Awards, Principals Honor Roll. L-R Jenifer Malara, Chanel Ly, Kelvin Diaz, Dolores Martinez, Andrew Rosler Parra, Brandon Hua

Students returning to Gabrielino 2nd Semester. L- R Victor Bonilla, David Cortez, Brandon Hua

First Trimester Awards, 100% Attendance. L-R Mel Pastenes, Chris Peredia, Joshua Kamel, Renato Castro, X Cheng, Lorenzo Velez, Gio Carrasco, Jonathan Garcia

First Trimester Awards, Counseling. L-R Araceli Castro, Ms. Cheng, Renato Castro

First Trimester Awards, Counseling. L-R Sergio Landeros, Ernesto martinez, Chris Peredia, Mr. Lemus, Dolores Martinez, Leslie Perez, Andrew Rosler Parra.

First Trimester Awards, Credits Earned.

• News & Announcements •

Renowned Story Teller Diane Ferlatte with Eric Pearson perform at Del Mar

On Tuesday February 13th, Storyteller Diane Ferlatte performed for the students at Del Mar. Ms. Ferlatte, accompanied musically by Mr. Pearson, told stories of United States history that involved African American slaves and their significant contributions to our countries development and establishment. Her "We Were There", "stories about ordinary African Americans who did extraordinary things" performance was enlightening and informative to our students and staff. With period music from Mr. Pearson, it was a great experience for our students.
We thank The San Gabriel Education Foundation and Mrs. Anguili and The Music Center of LA County for bringing Ms. Ferlatte and Mr. Pearson to our campus. It was truly a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Congratulations to Del Mar Student Governing Board Represenative Bella Luevano

Congratulations to our new Governing Board Student Representative, Bella Luevano. On Tuesday January 16th, Bella was sworn in by Governing Board President Mrs. Cristina Alvarado. Bella was elected by her peers to serve as a replacement for our previous Board Rep. Bella has been involved in many aspects of Del Mar including our Peer Helping program and as a classroom aide in our La Casa pre-school aide program. Bella is a great example to her peers as someone who continues to persevere in difficult times.
We are very proud of her and know she will be an excellent representative for Del Mar and the students of all of our schools.

First Trimester Awards

Congratulations to all of our students who received awards for their work in the First Trimester. Students received awards for Principals Honor Roll, 100% Attendance, Credits Earned, Counseling Awards and Outstanding Achievement in English, History/Social Science, Math, Science and Physical Education.
We are proud of all of our students and today, especially our First Trimester Achievers.
For a list of all the award winners please click on this article. For pictures, please go to the Photo Album, First trimester Awards file.

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